Max Kittler on The Orphans

Max Kittler on The Orphans

The Orphans rose from the ashes of the Hitler Youth when Ross and I were joined by bassist Colin Dowson and singer Billy Orphan (prob’ly not his real name). With the same aggressive, energetic approach as the Hitler Youth, but with more focus on melody and song structure, Ross had written a set of garage/punk classics that simply burned! A “Punk festival” in Leederville bore witness to the sheer brutal, adrenaline-fuelled energy that was The Orphans live.

The “punk scene” in Perth at the time was more a collection of alternative types that dug the sheer speed and energy with which their fave bands played, along with a few poseurs and fashion victims. Unfortunately for The Orphans, the “image” of punk was beyond our reach (with maybe the exception of Billy). Despite a set of brilliant songs written by Ross as well as covers of Ramones, Iggy etc the band found itself limited to playing at Hernando’s Hideaway and eventual oblivion.

The Orphans were victims of circumstance – I feel that in NY, London or even Sydney, Ross’s songs (and the band) would have kicked some serious arse. Before their time or not, Perth wasn’t ready for The Orphans.

Max Kittler (Hitler Youth and Orphans drummer)
June 2006

2 thoughts on “Max Kittler on The Orphans

  1. Colin

    Bro, how goes it?
    Great comments – the victims (no pun) of circumstances is right…location, location, location!
    Right (great) music (Ross) just the wrong place!
    Hang-on do I remember a statement, Perth is the arsehole of the world?

  2. Colin

    Strangely the songs sound better as the years go by – not because of clarity of mind, which is a factor but the the simple fact that Ross and Billy were the Orphans, sorry Max and Col – we were the music they were the front end – the Orphans and as Max stated anywhere else our sound would, maybe have been original
    and world class – thats the way the dice rolls, especially if your based in Perth { may as well be in Iceland}


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